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About Williams Infusion

Don’s passion with building started in 1980 when he built his first ice-boat, a DN-60. As the years past and new technologies evolved, he adapted. In 2002, Don started to use vacuum bag technology to build small parts and then in 2004 decided take vacuum technology to the next level and integrated vacuum infusion technology into his building process. After a couple of years of research and development, Williams Infusion, LLC now offers a DN ice-boat spar and Ice-optimist hull that are built using resin infusion technology. 
Resin Infusion offers the following advantages: 

  1. Environmentally sound production process
  2. Consistent part replication
  3. Higher fiber content
  4. Lighter part
  5. Stronger  part

Williams Infusion constantly develops improvements to process technique with the goal to always use technology to build better parts.  Williams infusion works with the client during all phases of product development  from conception, design and production. Don is always looking for new and innovative ways to build composite parts.

Our mission is to use technology to build high quality composite parts that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and to build good customer relations thru hard work, integrity, and good will.

Technology At Work

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